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 Veröffentlicht am 15.01.2015


Report on Menyiwadawodo 2014


Menyiwa da wͻ do continues to work to bring hope to disadvantage and vulnerable children in communities in Ghana, especially Cape Coast.  Through our programs in health, sports, arts and creativity, we assist children in our communities to develop their God gifted skills and talents. 

After School Program

We encourage the children to believe in themselves that “they can make it” in life.  In other for these children to harness their full potentials, we encourage children from age 6-15 years to participate in our “After School Program”.  Children report at our meeting centre at 3.30pm on weekdays where they are engaged by volunteer Coaches, Artists and Social Workers for about two hours daily.


During the first quarter, we purchased school bags and shoes for all the children who participate in our after school program as a motivation for them to be in school.  We organized a series of creativity Workshops on the theme, Reflection on the environment through arts. The objective of this workshop was to stimulate and motivate the children on how waste is generated and our role in minimizing its harmful effects on the environment. We allow the Children to express themselves by drawing and painting pictures with (color) pencils, crayons and watercolors and tinkering with various kinds of materials. We wanted them to draw their senses and cognition and become acquainted with new perceptions and views about the environment. The principle of these exercises was learning through creative action and from their own experiences. We also wanted them to reflect on their environment and put different activities (like the visit to the recycling plant), together.

The Field trip to the Cyclus Recycling Plant was to give the children an opportunity to see how much waste we generate and the processes waste go through. We taught them that plastic cannot be decomposed and will always stay in the environment if you do not recycle it. By showing them the steps from how the plastic comes to the plant up to the granulate from which you can produce other objects, they became very conscious about the plastic they throw away after that trip.

In the second and third quarters, since sport promotion is one of our main programs, together with Succeed e.V and the collaboration of Ghana Education Service, the Ghana Health Service in the Komenda Edina Eguafo Abirem (KEEA) Municipality of the Central Region, Ghana organized the maiden campaign under our Sports for Development initiatives dubbed “Volley Against AIDS”.


‘Volley Against AIDS’ is a campaign initiated under our Sports For Development initiative. Our objective was to raise awareness on reproductive health diseases, prevention and stigmatization against people living with HIV under one communal event of sports, which was Volley Ball. We also want to develop and promote sports in the Central Region. This promotion serves as a medium to identify strong and good athletes at the juvenile stage.


The Volleyball challenge held on the 15th of August, 2014 at the St. James Anglican School was an inter schools invitational tournament for six teams from basic primary schools; five came from the KEEA Municipality plus the  Team Menyiwa da wo do from Cape Coast, (children participating in our after school program). The schools from KEEA were: St. James Anglican, St. Monicas Preparatory, Elmina MA Primary and Catholic Boys and Girls Primary Schools. As a pre requisite, teams were asked to bring mixed gender teams of twelve players and three officials.


The children who participated in the tournament were within the age group of between 8 and 16 years. Registration for the Tournament was done in the class rooms at the St. James Anglican School in Elmina. Elmina MA and Team Menyiwadawodo got to the finals. Team Menyiwa da wo do eventually won the Trophy at stake. Members of various teams were given campaign memorabilia’s which included exercise books and t-shirts and other give a ways.


Furthermore, in the last quarter of this year, we would organize a capacity building workshop for sports coaches, physical education instructors and volunteers working with these children. We hope that they are able to appreciate how to build Confidence as a physical educator, good sportsmanship, being a positive role model, avoid yelling as a coaching technique, injury and concussion prevention, conditioning, nutrition and hydration.

We also intend to organize a Children Christmas Party (Cape Coast International Children and Arts Cultural Festival)

The Menyiwadawodo children’s Christmas party would be a three day event that will encourage children in Cape Coast to be involved in a hands-on art workshop, theatre, dance, music and many more. Highlights of the three-day event would include:

  • Face paintings, animation, bouncy castles and quirky roaming characters
  • Live performances by children
  • Family friendly activities both free and ticketed
  • Art workshops for children of all ages and families
  • Special performances and live music
  • Clinic for education and counseling

We also have started preparations to extend our campaign “Volley Against Aids” on the 5th of December, 2014 in the Volta Region. This campaign which would be part of activities to mark this year’s World AIDS Day would be hosted by AFRICED, a community based organization in the South Dayi District of the Volta Region. Four community primary schools would be invited to participate in the tournament. We would offer education, counseling, testing and screening of community members on diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, HIV and many more.


We have expanded our sport programs to include Volleyball and Table Tennis. Already existing sport programs include boxing, track and field.

We have built a team of dedicated coaches and volunteers who have dedicated their time and energy to help these children realize their full potentials in life.

Through our work with these children and the impact in the communities, we have enjoyed the cooperation and support of government organizations such as the Social welfare dept, Ghana Education Service, Ghana Health Service, Regional Sports Council, GIZ and other community based organizations to build a network that is involved in the planning and implementation of our programs.


We appreciate the circumstances confronted us. We have very limited resource to work with but the will and energy to continue pushes us to use creative ways to keep the children busy. We need more sports equipments, school supplies, clothes to keep the program running. We working on acquiring a space through the Cape Coast Municipal Assembly, where we can build a facility (playground, park, office and a library) where our children would hangout after school.


  1. Mawuli Kwesi Aboagye – Countrydirector
  2. Francis Acquah-Annan – Administrativ Director
  3. Frank Kobener Prah - Cultural Director
  4. Imeh IB Imeh –Social Worker and Programm Co-ordinator
  5. Michael Akoli - Coordinator Ghana Education Service (GES)
  6. Stella Yawson – Asst. Administrator
  7. Steven Stone - Public Relations
  8. Nurse Agnes - HIV-Promotion
  9. Nana Benyin – Boxing Coach
  10. James Barkers – Volley Ball Coach
  11. Appiah – Athletics Coach
  12. Kwesi Andoh – Table Tennis Coach
  13. Robert Shaw - Media
  14. various Volounteers


 Supporters and Partners:


Succeed in Ghana e.V.

Ghana Education Service

Regional Sports Council

Gesellschaft für international Zusammenarbeit (GiZ)


Twerampon Traditional (Dance- and Drumming Group)








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